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Pangolin Specialist Group members are volunteers. The group itself does not manage projects, but, in their individual capacities, group members are involved in the development and implementation of conservation programs and projects focusing on pangolins.
Membership of the Pangolin Specialist Group is by invitation only at the discretion of the Chairs. However, we are interested in hearing from potential members from nations under-represented in the membership, and those who are focused on scientific research and/or conservation efforts for pangolins.

Members are generally individuals who are:

  • Actively involved in pangolin conservation, research, management, or awareness raising and education
  • Integrally involved in pangolin conservation policy or law; and/or
  • Contributing to pangolin conservation and management.

The Pangolin Specialist Group aims to build the collective capacity of its members, enhancing their ability to respond to the challenges facing pangolin conservation. Members have a direct link to major international conservation fora, such as CITES, in which IUCN plays a key role, and opportunities to connect and collaborate with colleagues working on similar issues around the world. These linkages enable individual members to contribute more effectively to combined conservation actions globally, as well as in their own region, country and locality.

In return, Pangolin Specialist Group members are expected to maintain contact with the Pangolin Specialist Group Co-chairs and respond in a timely manner to requests that help the group, and the wider IUCN SSC, to pursue its objectives. For example, this may include contributing to reviews of draft SSC technical guidelines, assisting with updating IUCN Red List assessments or providing other species conservation advice and tools such as training and workshop materials.

If you would like to join the Pangolin Specialist Group please email outlining your relevant experience and how you expect to contribute to the group, along with a copy of your CV.

World Pangolin Day

World Pangolin Day is an annual celebration of the pangolin, and an opportunity to raise awareness for the threats that pangolins face. This has been celebrated every year on the third Saturday of February, since it was founded in 2012 by Rhishja Cota.

The role of the PSG during World Pangolin Day is to highlight the eight species of pangolins and the work of our members. We believe that collaboration is key to securing the future of pangolins, and we created this video to highlight that belief.

World Pangolin Day 2023 was a huge success, thanks to our World Pangolin Day Focal Point, Tulshi Laxmi Suwal. You can read more about how we celebrated as a group on our World Pangolin Day 2023 blog

However you may be celebrating, we hope you enjoy World Pangolin Day. Don’t forget to tag us in your social media posts (@pangolinsg) and remember, it’s never too early to start planning for next year!

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