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Street art by Sinna One.

Street art by Sinna One.

Pangolins have now been seen around the streets of Brighton! No, not a 9th UK species, but Paul Rankin and colleague Debbie Shaw, an expert on Chinese traditional medicine both from Pangolin Research Mundulea have teamed up with One Network for Conservation and the Arts to set up a ‘Pangolin Trail’ as a part of their 2013 Summer ‘Making Tracks’ exhibitions.

Working with a squadron of brilliant illustrators from Art Schism led by Sinna One, aka Daryl Bennettm they have created a wold, colourful Pangolin Trail of paintings on telephone exchange boxes on the streets around ONCA’s art gallery in Brighton for people to find. Each painting is linked via a QR mobile phone code to a different webpage with photos and information to discover more about pangolins, their conservation and the challenges of tracking these wonderful animals in the Namibian bush. We hope that this will not just be informative and help awareness of the pangolins’ plight, but also be fun and spark ideas for similar projects elsewhere. The unusual background for this exhibition illustrating some of the pangolins’ fascinating characteristics and the other animals encountered at night in Africa make perfect subjects for artists to depict!

Paul Rankin & Debbie Shaw, Pangolin Research Mundulea

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